Where is your office located?
What do I need to bring with me?
How long will my appointment last and how often will I need to come to therapy?
Do you have evening and weekend appointments?
What kind of counseling do you do?
Do you test for learning disabilities?
Do you prescribe medication?
Is your building handicap accessible?
Do you accept Medicaid or Medicare?
If I receive counseling through Tricare or Military OneSource, can you give my information to my chain of command?
How much will counseling cost?
Can you bill me for services?
What is the youngest age of children you treat?
I need to have an evaluation. Why isn’t this covered by my health insurance?
Can I schedule after school appointments for my child?
My case manager said he/she was going to refer me to your office for counseling or parent aide. Can I start services?
I was referred for a home evaluation. When I received my packet, I saw a form for a drug screen and background check, but I have already completed those. Do I need to do them again?
I was referred for a home evaluation and the packet says I need to have a physical. Does your
agency pay for that?
I would like to see a different therapist. Am I allowed to switch?
I am moving and would like to transfer my records to my new therapist. What is the process
and does it cost anything?
Can I bring my kids with me to my session?
Do I have to attend my child’s appointment or can I someone else bring him/her?
Is there a cost to cancel or reschedule my appointment?
What if I’m running late to my appointment?
I was not able to get in as soon as I wanted to. Is there anything I can do to get a sooner
If my therapist is running late, can I cancel my appointment?
Who has access to my records? How do you protect my private information?
I have a concern or complaint. Whom should I speak with?